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viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Thank you, My friend, 10% off, a Fall Must-Have

Dear My Friend,
I discovered a very good product on the South Korean market.
You may never heard about it. It's called LG Optimus Vu F100S,
It has a better performance than Note II and a much cheaper

Big screen, 5.5 Inches, impressive and eye-friendly.

Dual-Core CPU. With it, you can freely enjoy in seeing
movies, like Avatar, The Croods, Pacific Rim.....

It works all over the world and there is no network problem when
you travel. 

8 MP Camera. Its excellent camera functions could surely help
you a lot. Besides, it has 1.3 MP Secondary Camera.

How about its games performance ? ( You could ask a
question like that. ) It's great and amazing. 
Like people said
( )

my younger brother owns a F100l. im surprised to this phone.
it can play aphalt 7 and modern combat 4 w/o any disturbing
lags and force shutdowns... unlike my xperia s after updating
to 4.1 it really sucks.. way much better than my S.... sigh.. and
it has voice camera commands which is VERY COOL! haha..

If you are interested in it, here is its product page:

Best Regards,

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