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viernes, 24 de julio de 2020


Dear Sir,


Sequel to telephone calls and fax messages received recently, I have decided to assist you in my capacity to make sure that you are paid. My decision to assist you was informed by the unpatriotic attitude of some Government officials who collude with fraudulent companies overseas, to defraud our genuine foreigners like you. Beware of Touts telling you not to answer any other calls, that you will be paid, through the back door, is a lie. All payments to outside the country all over the world goes through International Banks Of Settlements, and are made by wire transfer or certified bank draft only.

I have to call for your file sometimes as a sequel to the pressure from one of your so called Nigerian partners requesting me to help him transfer your fund to another account belonging to a construction company in China, different from the one contained in your file. He was unable to produce a power of attorney from you which we requested for to facilitate the change, as the people contacting you might have seen your name in the gazette or computer among people to be paid and start making moves to con you.

Because of that your fund was called back from our correspondent bank in new your and deposited in our suspense account with a commercial bank here in Nigeria

Therefore be informed that due to the regulation / accreditation of funds world wide our federated oil reserve account #: 3582-024992-001, Swift Code: SCBLUS33, with Standard Chartered Bank, New York, will be again debited on "Turn Key" for this payment, hence your payment comes under category "B" schedule of the federal government of Nigeria financial regulation on monetary matters Act - Section 4 -2b of 2013, budget gazette as amended in our 2015, supplementary. Your payment code under this schedule is 010CBFG/EC11XXXV-SERIAL A. Online access telephone number will be given to you to access your fund with our correspondent bank "Standard Chartered Bank" and make a transfer on your own to any account of your choice all over the world.

Disregard all contacts from your so call Nigerian or foreign partners, if you would want us to help release your fund, because you can not be paid through those scammers you have been dealing with, if you doubt we can allow you again to continue with them for another six months and see if you can be paid even a cent or not, then if finally you are not paid you can come back to us and start all over again, and all communications must be by E-Mail Or Telephone only, this is for the interest of your fund and for security reasons, and also to avoid delay as we are at the second quarter of the year

We are sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused you for the delay to release your fund, Please help the central bank of Nigeria, to serve you better and also accept our equal service to all, by complying according to the rules and regulations of the bank,

We wait for your urgent response,

Yours faithfully

Fola Adebisi Shonubi
Deputy Governor/CBN
Foreign Operations

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