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viernes, 7 de febrero de 2020


I'm diagnosed with end-stage cancer,I've got a charity proposition I want to put in your care by entrusting you with my fund.Respond if interested,so I know you got this

jueves, 6 de febrero de 2020



I am Kelvin Mcdave an accountant to Colonel Sambo Dasuki,
Nigeria's former "National Security Adviser" to the previous government
(2012 to 2015), now arrested by the present government of Nigeria for
alleged money laundering offenses. Many of his properties seized, his
local accounts and a few detected foreign accounts frozen. His family
are monitored and suddenly placed in lack for politically motivated
reasons. I have been obliged to quickly secure with any trusted
beneficiary, his fund worth (45M GBP) deposited with our bank under my
watch as his account officer, hence the reason i have contacted you
immediately for the transfer and change of ownership of fund to you. See
below links for clarification;

I have all documents that are needed for a legitimate transfer of the
fund to you as a bonafide beneficiary. In addition, i would like to
inform you that in completion of this process, you will earn 40% of the
total sum, while 50% belongs to Colonel Sambo Dasuki and 10% becomes
mine. I will provide you with detailed guideline as a staff of the bank
and I compulsorily demand your sincerity and transparency through which
we can achieve this aim successfully and speedily.

Once i receive your quick response, we shall begin the process
I would wait at this point as i expect your response in accordance.

For familiarity purposes, Pls replr to

Kelvin Mcdave
(The Account Officer)

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